About Lehragaga

Lehragaga is a small town in the district of Sangrur in the southern Punjab and is a sub-Tehsil in Sunam Tehsil. The town has a Municipal Committee and is at a very short distance from the border of Haryana. Located at about 46km south of the Sangrur city, Lehragaga has a unique history and is a famous marketplace which draws traders and consumers from the nearby towns and villages. Primarily a rural town, Lehragaga now finds itself catching up with the rest of Punjab, which has been on a leading position among the most developed states of India.

About Lehragaga

Origin of Lehragaga

The town of Lehragaga derives its unique name from two villages; Lehra and Gaga. In the village of Gaga stands a Gurudwara, which is associated with the visit of the ninth Sikh Guru 'Guru Tegh Bahadur' while he was travelling to Delhi.

Geography of Lehragaga

Lehragaga, a sub-Tehsil in the Sunam Tehsil of Sangrur district, is situated near the border of Haryana on the south and is at a distance of 46km from Sangrur town. It is situated in the plains of Indo-Gangetic plateau and its satellite location is 29°56'33.1"N75°48'19.5"E. The total area of this small town is around 10sqkm. The town of Lehragaga is situated along the Ludhiana – Jakal Railway line. By road, it is 26km on the south of Sunam, around 46km south from Sangrur town, 90km from Patiala and 155km from Chandigarh. By road it is also connected with Patran and Jakhal.

Climate of Lehragaga

As is the case with so many other towns and villages in the Indo-Gangetic plains, the climate of Lehragaga does not differ much in terms of temperatures and rainfall. Like the rest of the Sangrur district, the climate of Lehragaga is rather dry and on the hotter side. The rainfall is pretty weak and is marked by a very irregular Monsoon. Lehragaga has three annual seasons; Summer, Monsoon and Winter. The summer in Lehragaga can be quite punishing as the temperatures go as high as 48°C in the afternoon. April to June are the high months of summer when the day temperatures remain above 40°C. Dry winds carrying hoards of dust particles are a particular nuisance in the summer.Months of July to September are the months of Monsoon in which this town receives the maximum rainfall. However the total number of rainy days are under 30 a year. In June, due to the excessive heat and pre-monsoon conditions, the town witnesses moderate to heavy thunderstorms. While October is the month of transition, winter sets in in November and lasts until the end of March. Just like the summer, the winter is also very harsh as the average temperature remains 7°C. The maximum temperature in winter barely makes it to 20°C while the lowest temperature regularly touches the freezing point.

Population of Lehragaga

Due to the better medical facilities as well as improved means of livelihood, India has witnessed a rapid growth of population in the period after it gained independence. As per the 2011 Population Census of India, the population of Lehragaga is 22,588 of which 12,003 are males while 10,585 are females. The child population (age 0 – 6) stands at 2710 which is 12% of the total population of Lehragaga. In the Administrative territory of the Lehragaga Municipal Council, the female sex ratio stands at a very low figure of 882, which is lower than the state average of 895. Moreover, the child sex ratio is also very low at 856 but is slightly better than the state average child sex ratio of 846. The population of the Scheduled Castes (SC) in Lehragaga is 6024 which makes up for 26.67% of the total population of Lehragaga. The Municipal Council of Lehragaga does not have any Scheduled Tribes population in its administrative borders.

Literacy and Language in Lehragaga

Just like the female sex ratio in Lehragaga, the literacy rate is also quite low at 75.72% which is slightly lower than the state average of 75.84%. Out of the total literate population, male literacy stands at 81.77% whereas the female literacy stands predictably lower at 68.89%. Punjabi is the main spoken language of Lehragaga and because of its history and geographical location, other languages such as dialects of Hindi, Urdu are also spoken in the region.

Economy of Lehragaga

Under the Lehragaga Municipal Council, a total of 7,296 of its entire population are employed in some kind of work. The data in 2011 Census shows that Lehragaga has a long way to go in terms of gender equality as out of the total working population, 6,470 are males, while only 826 are females. Out of the total working population of 7,296 around 89.50% are engaged in the main work while 10.50 % of total workers are employed in Marginal Work.

Administration in Lehragaga

Lehragaga is a sub-Tehsil in the Tehsil of Sunam, one of the six Tehsils in the Sangrur district. Lehragaga is a Municipal Council and has been divided into 13 wards for which representatives are elected every five years. Lehragaga is the headquarters of the Block and the Class II Municipal Committee has been in administration here since September 1956. The Lehragaga Municipality administers over 4,466 houses and is the authority to build roads, maintain water supply to the residents and collect taxes. The Deputy Commissioner of the Sangrur district is the head of the district administration, under whose purview the administration of Lehragaga falls. The Deputy Commissioner also performs the roles of District Collector and the District Magistrate.

District Deputy Commissioner
S. Arshdeep Singh Thind
Address: Deputy Commissioner Bungalow, NH 71, Gobind Pura Colony, Sangrur, Punjab 148001
Email: dc.sgr@punjab.gov.in
Phone: 01672-234004

Tourism in Lehragaga

Although Lehragaga has a historical background, it is not a major tourist hub in the Sangrur district. However, if you are on a visit to the town of Lehragaga, you can visit some of the several temples and Gurudwaras in the town. Some of the well-known religious places in the town include Hanuman Mandir, Shiv Durga Mandir, Baba Mast Ram Samadh, Kali Mata Mandir, Balmiki Mandir, Basanti Mata, Kalran Wali Mata Mandir. The visitors to Lehragaga can also have a nice evening stroll around the railway station area, which is a rather popular spot among the residents of the town. The building of the railway station has an interesting architectural style reflecting the influences of the Indo-Islamic architecture. Lehragaga is also famous for its local markets. If you find yourself in this small town, it is a good idea to explore the Maharaja Aggrasen Market and also head to the small shops on the Khai Road.

Hotels in Lehragaga

Lehragaga is a very small town and is not a major industrial or agricultural hub. Hence, the town does not have many hotels where the tourists could have a comfortable stay. Several hotels can be found in the nearby towns and cities, however, for more options it is better to stay in Sunam or Sangrur. However, there is a well-known hotel on the road to Sunamn (SH11) at a distance of 6km from the town.

Vishal Resort
Address: Sunam-Jakhal Highway Khokhar, Lehragaga, Punjab 148031
Phone: 098720 48804

Utility Services in Lehragaga

As Lehragaga is not a very developed town, it does not offer a variety of utility services. However, the visitors to the town can avail the following facilities in Lehragaga.

Police in Lehragaga

For outsiders, travelling alone or with family into an unknown city or village always poses challenging questions about safety of their loved ones. It is better to be prepared for any emergencies or unexpected situations due to a law and order situation. Following are the details of the police station in Lehragaga should you need to contact the police.

Contact Person: SI Dharamvir
Lehragaga Police Station
Address: Lehragaga, Sangrur, Punjab - 148031
Phone: 01676 272039

Banks in Lehragaga

The emergence of local economies powered by the increased agricultural as well as handicraft trade has resulted in the spread of the banking sector across the rural and semi-urban India. Although there are not many banks in Lehragaga, some important banks have already opened their branches. Following are the details of the banks in Lehragaga.

UCO Bank
Branch: Lehragaga
IFSC Code: UCBA0003173
MICR Code: Not Provided
Branch Code: 003173
Address: Arkwas Road Near New Anaj Mandi Lehragaga, Dist. Sangrur, Pin Code-148031
Phone No: 8804444324

HDFC Bank Ltd
Branch: Lehragaga
IFSC Code: HDFC0002597
MICR Code: 148240253
Branch Code: 002597
Address: HDFC Bank Ltd., Malika Street, Ward No.1, Lehragaga Sangrur Punjab 148031
Phone No: Not Provided

Oriental Bank Of Commerce
Branch: Lehragaga
IFSC Code: ORBC0100451
Branch Code: Not Provided
Address: Aanal Mandi, Lehragaga, Teh. Sunam, 148031
Phone No: 01676-272054

Postal and Courier Services in Lehragaga

Although the rural India remains fairly less connected in terms of roads, rail and modern means of communication, postal and courier services have penetrated the areas where even pucca roads have not yet reached. Although Lehragaga is a fairly semi-urban town, there are courier and postal services that the visitors and citizens of Lehragaga alike can avail.

Indian Post
Post Office: Lehragaga S.O
Pin Code: 148031
Post Office Type: Sub Office (Delivery)
Head Office: Sangrur H.O.
Region: Chandigarh HQ
Phone Number: 01676-272031

Vijay Confectionery
Domestic Couriers
Address: Railway Road, Lehragaga, Sangrur – 148031
Phone: +(91)-9417159801, 9592751785

Healthcare Services in Lehragaga

It is important to be in the prime of health when we are travelling to remote places for tours or visits. However, no matter how well we look after ourselves, some things like sickness are beyond our control. Although rural India does not offer comprehensive medical and healthcare facilities, there are several primary clinics, government and private hospitals where good health service can be found. There are a few hospitals in Lehragaga where you could get your medical and health related problems sorted.

Civil Hospital
Working Hours: Mon – Sat 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Address: Near Bus Stand, Lehragaga, Punjab 148031

Jawahar Nursing Home
Address: Near Gurudwara, Lehragaga, Punjab 148031
Phone: 094176 25035

Bansal Hospital
Working Hours: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
Address: Khai Near Old Power, Rest House Rd, Lehragaga, Punjab 148031
24 Hour Helpline No: 01676 272137
Mobile: 9317554204, 9855683556, 9464236141, 9888644653
Email: dr.pawanbansal@sify.com
Website: http://bansalhospital.weebly.com/

Transport in Lehragaga

The sub-Tehsil of Lehragaga is at a distance of about 90km from Patiala and about 155km from Chandigarh. Lehragaga has a bus stand and many buses ply between the neighbouring towns and villages. Lehragaga is located on SH11 to the south of the Tehsil of Sunam at a distance of about 26km.

By Train : Lehragaga Railway Station (LHA) is right at the edge of the town and is connected by many major cities in Punjab as well as other important cities in the region. Many passenger as well as Express trains pass through and passengers can board Andaman Express, Himsagar Express and Navyug Express to go in the direction of Ludhiana and Jakhal. Please note that since it is a small station, these trains do not stop for more than 2 minutes here.

By Air : The nearest Airport to go Lehragaga is the Chandigarh Airport which is at the distance of 150km by road. Chandigarh Airport is connected to major Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore as daily flights ply between these cities. Visitors can arrange for a taxi service at the airport to go to Chandigarh city.

Lehragaga at a glance

State : Punjab
District : Sangrur
Elevation : 69 m (226 ft)
• Official : Punjabi
PIN : 148031
Telephone Code : 01676
Vehicle registration : PB-75

  • E-mail

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